What is the Landscape of Being?

The Landscape of Being is where humans dwell. Of course that isn’t to suggest that they know they live there. There are four fundamental features to this existential terrain. Firstly ,you and I, we live in a way that is indebted to Embodiment. Try thinking a thought that owes nothing to your body and its physical capacities. It is untenable to think of human persons as ghosts in a machine, souls that are transported in physical conveyances. The body is as much an aspect of being a human person as consciousness is. The second feature of the Landscape of Being is Intentionality. I live my life directed towards things, viscerally, habitually and consciously. As a human being, the questioning being, I interrogate the world, in fact as a human I question my intentional directedness towards the world in a way no other species does. I can even transcend the world before me in flights of fantasy, creative projects, reasoned arguments and faith. There are two other key features to the place where humans dwell. The questioning being lives in a shared world. Human well-being depends on social interaction with other people that are not regarded as things. The questioning being lives in Intersubjectivity and the meaning it makes of its life is indebted to an exchange of meaning with others. Finally, the place where we as humans, as questioning beings dwell, is in the world of culture, art, music, faith, doubt, history and politics, to name but a few elements. The questioning being is Embedded in the world of meaning.

This blog is not a rant nor a religion but a philosophical exploration of the Landscape of Being;an exploration of embodiment, intersubjectivity, intentionality and embeddedness in the world of meaning.

Embodied intersubjective intentionality embedded in the world.

Embodied intersubjective intentionality embedded in the world.


One thought on “What is the Landscape of Being?

  1. Aha. Have I found the beginning? I will continue from here. These four features changed the inner-world sketch I got from Intentionality Part 1 and grew it to a 3-D stage where I can play out my musings. I always enjoy trying on new language. Looking forward to strolling through the other posts.


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