Exploration; taking hold of temporality

Why do people explore what we already know is there? Why climb mountains, why run marathons, why make records, why have children or start up entrepreneurial enterprises? Are these just in pursuit of pleasure? Hardly so. Are these original or necessary acts? Not at all. Does the world need these things to happen? No, for often they create challenges, or supply a demand they themselves create. The world is already full of people, and their creativity too.

Is exploration discovering anew?

Is exploration discovering anew?

The reason in my view that human experience is so often invested in exploration of that which others have already discovered, is not a desire to discover something new, but because the questioning being, in the discovering of something anew desires to bring nearer its hypothesised future self.  Here in exploration is sampled a harmonisation of the outer and the inner aspects of our lives, the spatio-temporal, wherein the questioning being, who in the present is question, at last becomes disclosed as question answered. For this reason people talk of finding themselves.


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