CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT March 2014; Who would have thought a training day offering insights into Inspirational Leadership based on Shakespeare’s Henry V could be as good as this? Vision is the core of leadership, and granted his muse, the situatedness of Henry’s past provides a present provocation whose call to imagination sees him actualise his future heroic self, visioning the future as a united Kingdom of Albion. Like every good leader should, he has a vision, he motivates those he leads with belief in them, they catch the vision, he conquers the inevitable dark night of the soul as a man alongside his men and achieves the vision with them. Henry declares of himself, as will all accountable leaders, that “his senses have but human conditions… Therefore when he sees reason of fears, as we do, his fears, out of doubt, be of the same relish as ours are: yet, in reason, no man should possess him with any appearance of fear, lest he, by showing it, should dishearten his army.” The leader shows leadership not in the assumption of superiority, or in extravagant self-expression, but in answering the critics, and facing setbacks with superior values and a vision applied. Inspiring as promised Ben Walden, thank you.


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