The giant smoulders

A giant smoulders, rubbing shoulders

with former lackeys locked in no longer

Toil and trouble

round road-block braziers

Lick-spits and Spartans feign rekindle that flame

that fired the wrath of the Great and Terrible


Prolonged history of disputed lands

repelling boarders with bloodied hands

The giant remembers the glory days

Novgorod and Russian Kiev

Overturning Tatar yoke, century of disgrace

Liquidating borders and saving face

The giant remembers


The giant smoulders, amassing soldiers

Burn he might but not with well fanned blaze

for Chechen borders,

Motherlands and Uncle Sams

Serve to quench iron-tipped blows, Gulags and purges

Five Year Plans and genocide in stages


Yet the giant knows

He must burn bright now before his flame goes out


The giant smoulders © Peter Giles 2014


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