Don’t open your mouth before putting your brain in gear

What's the point of having gears if you don't remember to use them?

What’s the point of having gears if you don’t remember to use them?


Section 57 dispenses nonsense in many languages.

Vernon opened his mouth before putting his brain in gear.

“Well yes Dr Van der Floot…”

“ Call me Miles… please, Miles is miles better ha aha.”

“Well yes Miles, I am keen to explore philosophically the way that humans establish meaning out of nonsense… ” Vernon’s courage failed him and he realised that he was standing on one leg holding his glass at a precarious angle over the leather sofa.

“Mmm, semiotics, symbolism and epistemology all rolled into one and peppered with anthropology too. Ddim yn ddrwg, not bad, as they say in these hills. We’ll see, we’ll see. Well, Pob lwc, good luck. I’d better go. I look forward to hearing from you in writing. Bye voor nu.”

Check out the Nonsense Filter Vernon’s committing himself again…


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