Purveying not selling

Im purveying officer... not selling

Purveying officer… not selling

One blogger muses about their muse…

Purveying not Selling

Standing on the corner of a digital street

Wondering which sound bite I can tempt you to eat

Perhaps philosophy or fiction whet your appetite

‘til then I’ll stand alone in the waning light

With only my food for thought for company


If it isn’t packaged for the present modern age

Its cos street cats can’t agree how best the lingo hits the page

I’ve jolly well cleared the air with a comedic nonsense filter

And in the Landscape of Being opened up new vistas

Sorry if I’m trying, or trying too hard, but why aren’t you ‘buying’?


Cos there’s nothing from me to buy and the sponsors cashing in

Hide their adverts from my eyes in case I cringe.

Every day I yearn to write, it’s some kind of compulsion

Purveying meaning in the form of philosophy or fiction.

Which I hope, I really really hope, I’m not alone in reading.


P.S. That’s reading not Reading.

P.S. There are lots of people in Reading, some of whom are reading.

P.S Of course in Reading you might be reading about reeding and other architectural forms.


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