absolutely brillig

Section 60 goes snicker-snack

"Want another beer?"

“Want another beer?”

“We’ve got everything to lose Jean Luc. Remember ‘Jarves’ that rugby-playing, tight-head, no-neck minder of his? Remember the contract, and ‘mummy long-legs’? Remember the police?” Vernon began to sound a little panicked as he itemised the opposition.

“Take it easy Vernon. All we have to do is write the algorithm or prove it can’t be done. We make sure everything we charge for is speculative, and developmental, and talk it down as we go along.”

Jean Luc was right, as usual.

And what about data? Have you got a suggestion for something that appears completely nonsensical but has meaning underneath it?”

Vernon and Jean Luc take on the opposition in The Nonsense Filter


Always read the small print... even if its nonsense.

Always read the small print… even if its nonsense.


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