On Being Clever

What a fool to start this task.

I’ve never been at the top of the class looking down on others.

Sure I’ve always wanted to learn,

Ever conscious of a yearning to erode my ignorance and discover.

Would I recognise cleverness,

And if I could locate its address would I wait patiently outside its gate?

I’m not sure and I hesitate;

Is it a virtue, opposed to hate, or a clever ally of those that exploit?


Maybe cleverness is relative.

It has siblings and gives to some disdain and to others help with their homework.

Maybe its a grand delusion of grandeur.

As Charlie and Algernon found to their cost.

Bright Socrates, I think, once said…

The wise know themselves and instead of pride, wisely recognise their limits.

That fool Goliath, (I do surmise)

Was a clever man in his own eyes, till the thought was pushed from his mind by a humble stone.


Me… Clever, I doubt it.

On Being Clever ©Peter Giles



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