Drinking tea with Jesus

Vernon wasn't sure who was making up what. He just new Claire wasn't coming.

Vernon wasn’t sure who was making up what. He just knew Claire wasn’t coming.

Section 76 is picking up the kids

Daniel was waiting on the front door step, bouncing a football when he arrived. Pippa was in the house watching Friends, ‘in lieu of real ones if she’s not careful’ thought Vernon. Claire was nowhere to be seen. He pulled up onto the sloping bricked drive and clambered out of the car.

“Hiya dad. What kept you?” Daniel stood up and reached into the house to fetch his and Pippa’s bag. “Come on ‘Pipsqueak’ dad’s here.”

“Where’s Claire? Is she upstairs making herself glamorous?”

“Chuh. Not upstairs… She’s in her make-up trailer at the theatre. Mum’s got her auditioning for a musical. She’s not coming. It’s too good an opportunity to miss apparently. Dad we’re not going to sit around politely drinking tea with Jesus all afternoon are we?”

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