It’ll never work

And lo from on hi did the angels sing "It'll never work. It'll never work.

And lo from on hi did the angels sing “It’ll never work. It’ll never work.”

Section 78 looks set to rival Heath Robinson

Vernon felt like a weary traveller sucked into a search party for a missing citizen he knew was dumped in the boot of his car. At least he felt the way he imagined such a compromised unhopeful might feel. If his morbid fears of failure had not been so compelling he’d have been compensated with the secondary option of submitting the Nonsense Filter as a contribution to Kenji Kawakami’s Shin Dogu project. He could hear angel voices and they were singing sonorously ‘It’ll never work, It’ll never work.’

“Vernon. Vernon.” Jean Luc was pulling him back to attention. “Focus Vernon, Émile thinks it’ll take about twenty hours of work but he’ll need to see your instructions first to be sure.” With a heavy heart and ‘It’ll never work’ reaching melodramatic strains in his head as he did so, Vernon handed over his notes. Can you firm up your costs Émile. Email me if you need more guidance. My address is included. I plan to email Tarkey and tell him the costs to get started and advise him of probable failure. Wish me luck.”

Check out the Nonsense Filter (this link should work)


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