Dog in a manger

You offer it... so I can refuse... simple!

You offer it… so I can refuse… simple!

Section 85 is cantankerous, or maybe it isn’t then.

As the end of the three week half term break drew closer Vernon and Nsansa were taking the opportunity they’d planned to get away, to Edinburgh. Vernon had dithered over the job offer and now perversely the offer had been withdrawn. Relief and rejection played good cop bad cop inside Vernon’s skull and through stress his heroic beard was beginning to grey. As the couple prepared to depart he quickly emailed Mr Snapper saying that if the job at Ramkhamhaeng International became available again, he’d take it. ‘You’re like a dog in a manger’ said the voice of his mum inside his head as he and Nsansa loaded the car.

Check out the Nonsense Filter. Chapter Five begins


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