Ancestors of spam…

Where have you been?

Where have you been?

Section 92 is out like a light

By the time Vernon got home after dropping Nsansa off in Newmarket and swapping cars he was exhausted. As he shuffled in the dark through the bills and flyers, those pathetic paper ancestors of spam, and locked the front door, he knew he had mixed feelings about being back. What would the final half of the Spring term hold for him? What would he do about Thailand especially as Nsansa had not allowed herself to be drawn on that resurgent issue?

On the mat was a note from the neighbour who’d kindly fed Chucky while they’d been gone. It seemed she’d left a dossier on his movements and habits. ‘…Day two looked morose and slept in the bath’. Mad cat.

Also on the mat was a letter whose handwritten script Vernon found vaguely familiar. It could wait another day. Tarkey maybe, or Jenny’s eccentric solicitor. He had tomorrow in which to investigate its secrets and he thrust it simultaneously to the back of his mind and into the letter rack on the bookshelf. Parking his suitcase and other luggage in the spare room and clambering into bed wearily after a brief encounter with the toothpaste, Vernon was out like a light.

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5 thoughts on “Ancestors of spam…

  1. I have been away for a time. But today I read all of Chapter 4 in one sitting and the start if 5. Really enjoying the way you string words and images together.

    I am exclusively on my phone when reading blogs, so its a task to daily find my way to the end of the novel page for just one new section. Will return after a time for a bigger bite. I commend your consistency.


    • You are to be commended too for your persistence too. I have not yet found a way to make reading on mobile more user friendly as I can only format the pages for one type of digital platform. Thank you for the consistent encouragement Donna.


      • My selfish desire would be to see each new section posted in full, rather than a tease requiring a jump to the Novel page. That would keep me coming back daily. But as it is, I will come back monthly-ish. Either way, I will be back.


        • I’ll try your suggestion and see if it works. I’ll put the complete section in the Nonsense Filter update. Add it to the Novel Page and continue to put a taster on the Landscape of Being site.


          • Thank you for trying it. It’s an improved experience for me, but I will keep coming back either way.


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