picture peteI used to prefer talking with pictures. Art college taught me just how powerfully visual images convey meaning. When we talk we often reflect this in our metaphors… ‘Look here’ we say for emphasis, or ‘I see’ when we understand. A picture is worth a thousand words apparently, so long as it’s the right one. Hey ho, since there’s no word shortage that I know of I’ve got a pretty generous word count to play with and I hope to say something worth reading.

I’m a philosopher now; I teach and study philosophy. I reflect a great deal on the human condition, about what we can know and how we value things and what on earth human identity is, indeed, this is the topic of my PhD thesis. Is there a point to life, does history teach us anything, does the environment have an intrinsic value of its own, and hey is that the time?

I wonder whether we are alone in the universe and I’m still intrigued about the notion of God. In this blog I want to air some opinions, pose some questions and generate some reflection about human identity. Hopefully I’ll generate more light than heat, but no doubt you the reader will be the judge of that. I welcome considered responses; chances are I’ll learn from them. Oh yes… some things just couldn’t be said without a guitar accompaniment and the mournful long-suffering tolerance of a cat called Neo. For this reason, those things I’ll present as songs.

When I'm good, I'm very, very good.

When I’m good, I’m very, very good.


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