My Five Senses

Sometimes we are lonely, in a deliciously melancholic, rather than depressive way. We live betwixt and between the realisation of love and the sense of our loved one’s absence, acknowledging that both affirm life to us. It is better than being numb….


My Five Senses

I’m watching every penny

with nothing to lavish on you

but rich brocades and drapes of velvet

call to mind the texture of you

……It’s why I’m missing you.

My sad heart’s not despairing,

darling you’re the rare thing,

my five sense affirming,

could be good for me.


My Five Senses © Peter Giles


Cryptic complaint

The Lemmings


The Lemmings …askers and tellers, hurled themselves over the cliff yearning to damage it.

The Lemmings

…askers and tellers

hurled themselves over the cliff

yearning to damage it,

and filmed their spree gleefully as if anticipation was proof.

Two bastions of British civilisation

bast—s more like.

The cliff was unmoved,

but Cliffs deserve justice too.

Shame on you lemmings..

try looking before you leap

Down the tracks… and off the rails

Down the tracks… off the rails

What can you say when you spent the weekend at the worst place on earth?


Can you sigh with relief that it could never, never happen again… naïvely?

Do you decide deep inside, humanity’s lost, we’ve spawned a monster that won’t be denied? Quite possibly.

Or do you talk it out and resolve to be one more fibre in the bulwark against genocide? Hopefully.

I walked down the tracks at Oświęcim and found I was in Auschwitz



(See also ‘I’m off to Oświęcim soon‘ on the Commentary page of this blog)

On Being Clever

What a fool to start this task.

I’ve never been at the top of the class looking down on others.

Sure I’ve always wanted to learn,

Ever conscious of a yearning to erode my ignorance and discover.

Would I recognise cleverness,

And if I could locate its address would I wait patiently outside its gate?

I’m not sure and I hesitate;

Is it a virtue, opposed to hate, or a clever ally of those that exploit?


Maybe cleverness is relative.

It has siblings and gives to some disdain and to others help with their homework.

Maybe its a grand delusion of grandeur.

As Charlie and Algernon found to their cost.

Bright Socrates, I think, once said…

The wise know themselves and instead of pride, wisely recognise their limits.

That fool Goliath, (I do surmise)

Was a clever man in his own eyes, till the thought was pushed from his mind by a humble stone.


Me… Clever, I doubt it.

On Being Clever ©Peter Giles


Carrying sand in a sieve

Vernon had been refused permission onto the Ark.

Vernon had been refused permission onto the Ark.

Section 63 is nearly all at sea

Vernon caught himself looking out the window to check that yesterday’s rains had stopped. He’d been refused admission to the Ark, and because the dream still haunted him, his thoughts had been distinctly ‘uffish’ since. Sorting out his panicked deliberations about whether he should stay or go, and how he’d make his escape, was akin to carrying sand in a sieve. The details kept escaping him, and even as they did so, they somehow obscured his vision.

Vernon stroked his beard and indulged in a brief daydream. In his mind’s eye he pictured Jean Luc greeting him on steps of the Old Baily. Chortling in his joy at finding that the Nonsense Filter worked… and was theirs legally. His friends words rang out clearly;

Jibber? Jabber? What?

Jibber? Jabber? What?

And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?

Come to my arms, my beamish boy!

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

Vernon looked about him suddenly. He was alone. The students had all gone to lunch the slimy ‘toves’.

Check out the Nonsense Filter

absolutely brillig

Section 60 goes snicker-snack

"Want another beer?"

“Want another beer?”

“We’ve got everything to lose Jean Luc. Remember ‘Jarves’ that rugby-playing, tight-head, no-neck minder of his? Remember the contract, and ‘mummy long-legs’? Remember the police?” Vernon began to sound a little panicked as he itemised the opposition.

“Take it easy Vernon. All we have to do is write the algorithm or prove it can’t be done. We make sure everything we charge for is speculative, and developmental, and talk it down as we go along.”

Jean Luc was right, as usual.

And what about data? Have you got a suggestion for something that appears completely nonsensical but has meaning underneath it?”

Vernon and Jean Luc take on the opposition in The Nonsense Filter

Always read the small print... even if its nonsense.

Always read the small print… even if its nonsense.

Purveying not selling

Im purveying officer... not selling

Purveying officer… not selling

One blogger muses about their muse…

Purveying not Selling

Standing on the corner of a digital street

Wondering which sound bite I can tempt you to eat

Perhaps philosophy or fiction whet your appetite

‘til then I’ll stand alone in the waning light

With only my food for thought for company


If it isn’t packaged for the present modern age

Its cos street cats can’t agree how best the lingo hits the page

I’ve jolly well cleared the air with a comedic nonsense filter

And in the Landscape of Being opened up new vistas

Sorry if I’m trying, or trying too hard, but why aren’t you ‘buying’?


Cos there’s nothing from me to buy and the sponsors cashing in

Hide their adverts from my eyes in case I cringe.

Every day I yearn to write, it’s some kind of compulsion

Purveying meaning in the form of philosophy or fiction.

Which I hope, I really really hope, I’m not alone in reading.


P.S. That’s reading not Reading.

P.S. There are lots of people in Reading, some of whom are reading.

P.S Of course in Reading you might be reading about reeding and other architectural forms.